This Old House


So, when we bought this house a bazillion and two years ago, we had great dreams of how beautiful it would grow to be. It wasn’t long when those dreams became akin to nightmares! Well, that’s exaggerating, but in our early years of raising the kids, we had very little extra money. We did what we could and just lived in a constant state of construction.

My goal right now is to complete our projects that we have already started. A couple of weeks ago, I painted the trim in the dining room. Seriously. Who waits that long to do something like that?

Tonight, I painted the dining room. It is absolutely gorgeous. Tomorrow I’m taking most of the day off, which will be fun, and I will work on the tile in the entry way, and then Sunday I plan to paint the entry way. ONE MORE ROOM WILL BE DONE!! WOOT!

Before I start tearing into the kitchen to finish the mostrous job in there, I am going to paint my little den. I kicked the kids out and made Jordan and Ross bunk together and I now have my own room again. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finish that. Terry worked on the windows; they’re ready to put the trim on. I will paint the walls and then paint the trim, put up shelving on the east wall and then work at getting a day bed, a sewing/craft table and a cool chair. That will be nice. Once that room is done, I will update the paint in the living room and then I will go to the school room.

I really don’t know why we call it the school room. When we first moved in, that was the first room that got done. I painted it really cool to look like an elementary school and we had cool stuff on the walls. We never used the school room. It soon became a junk room.

Well, hopefully before 2009 leaves us, we will make that room into our family room. I just got tired. I think I will go to bed now. 😉


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