Last night, my good friend came with 3 of her children and we had a sleepover!! They just packed up and left, but my heart is still full. When it comes to friends, I have been so blessed. She is one of those friends, who when we get together we kind of pick up where we left off. During our visit, there weren’t awkward breaks in the conversation, but this steady rhythm of conversation late into the night and then early this morning.

The ebb and flow of our conversation reminded me of a river that as it flows its course acquires properties of the various places through which it travels. You know, at the mouth of any river, one could find evidence of the river’s entire journey. While elements of its past journey is carried throughout its course, that river continues to move forward to its goal. The water that does not flow, becomes stagnate – not really water you want to immerse yourself in.

It’s a great thing to have a rich history with someone and to have that history woven throughout the fabric of your being. But to have a friend with whom you can take that history and move forward is truly beautiful. I love when I have such a rich history with someone that they can read little clues in my expressions, or see through some of the veils through which I speak. I love when I have a friend who has known me a lifetime and loves me anyway. I love being able to have someone rejoice with me when battles are won in my life and who is there to cry with me through the rocky places. It is a great thing to know that at the end of my days, I will have known and loved such awesome people.

It’s a good day.


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