My Version of This Old House

We’ve been trying to finish up our house, and update what we’ve already done. It seems like a very long battle, actually! But today, I wanted to share what we’ve done recently…
Project Number One:
Phase One Covered Porch: When we moved in to this house, we had a screened in porch that we decided to close in and make part of the house. It was a good plan, but we lost a wonderful thing…a covered porch. Last week, Terry and my boys built a deck (phase one of our plan). Phase two will be to add a roof and railings to the deck. Then, whallah! An old fashioned porch. I’ll even get a rocker to go out there.

It’s absolutely lovely to sit there in the mornings and drink my coffee! Of course, when we get the roof on, we’ll be able to sit under the roof and still be protected by the roof!! Won’t that be awesome!

Project Number Two!
We bought some laminate flooring to lay down throughout the downstairs of the house. YAY! However, like almost all of our projects, we have a ton of work to do before we can lay the floor. We decided to go ahead and update the paint, get trim up, etc. etc.
Here’s what my living room looked like before:
I loved the rich color of the burgundy, and I love folk art stuff, so the border was just my style. I decided that if we were going to be updating the downstairs, we should really make a go of it, and do it up well. So, I removed the wall border. (Yes, I heard you gasp.)
Next, I painstakingly tried to find a color that would suit us. After weeks of all kinds of paint samples lining the walls of my living room and kitchen, I decided that I would just use my wall border as my paint palette. Turned out to be a good idea, because I found the new color for my living room. Yay me!
Stay tuned for the complete project! I only hope that we get this done pronto. Those of you who know us are laughing. I can hear it!

One thought on “My Version of This Old House

  1. I love the color that you chose for the living room and I am jelous of the deck. It is so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy and cup of coffee in the moring. Let me know if you need help with the floor. WE will be there in a flash. We have done a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, adn Rick did a floor for a friend too.

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