Great Buys!


Last weekend, Alyssa and I were driving around town when we saw signs for an auction, so we decided to stop by. Are we ever glad we did! I bought several things, but my favorite is this orange beauty! I put it in my cheery yellow office/craft room/spare room. I certainly love auctions!!

I also found a pretty wing back chair that goes super well with brownish green walls in my entry way. No one in my family likes that chair though. What is it about my boys that makes them so picky?? Abe likes the glider rocker I found for his room, and we are all appreciating the SMALL entertainment center.

Alyssa found two really pretty white formal chairs, a table to go with them and SEVEN book shelves. Of course, they are all staying here awaiting her return home and prodding us to complete the room she will be living in. Right now all of her furniture is mixed with my own hodge podge of hand-me-down wonders, so we are certainly trying to complete our projects in the most ASAP way.

Terry assured me that this weekend will be the EPIC Floor Laying Weekend! I am beyond excited about that.


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