My Version of This Old House Part II


I am on a color roll!! Once the color worked for the living room, I decided to finish painting my kitchen with the reddish color (Dutch Boy’s Brick Fleck). I worked on it throughout the day today. I think it looks a little orangey in the photos, but it looks more like a deep red. I had already painted one wall prior to surgery, and today I finished the south and west walls (very slowly of course). I’m very happy with it.

If I’m feeling up to it tomorrow, I will be working on finishing the cupboards. I want to steel wool the cabinets with mineral spirits and add another stain…to richen the effect. We’ll see. I may have my friend and decorating guru help me. 😉 For the rest of today, though, I’m going to replace the outlets in the kitchen!! Finally!!

So far, here’s what I’ve got. Excuse the mess, please.

I feel badly for Terry, though…he has hard jobs like putting in wainscot and leveling the floor so we can lay laminate down. 😉 I get to do the pretty stuff!

I think it’s a good thing that I don’t get HGTV out here. We’d really be in trouble!


2 thoughts on “My Version of This Old House Part II

  1. pretty! i love it! i'm glad you're being brave with color. i feel the same way about HGTV… if we got that channel, we'd be in serious trouble. i'd quit my job and be a stay-at-home designer. 🙂 that would be amazing.

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