One of my best days – ever


Today was one of those days that just makes you glad. The deep down, contented glad that comes from contentment, intimacy and fun. Terry and I had one of those days today. We woke leisurely, enjoyed coffee and the internet, and then great conversation. Then I worked in my garden transplanting flowers to new places. My garden is starting to look like someone loves it again! While I played, Terry did too – on his guitar.

We drove to Des Moines, picked up landscaping stuff, shopped a bit and grabbed a bite to eat. The whole time chatting and giggling. We found a garage sale and a solid oak table that is absolutely perfect as a little island for my kitchen. We even had to scrape the bottoms of our wallets to try to come up with the entire amount. We were short $1.25, so asked if she’d take less. I must have looked pathetic, because the owner joined in our laughter and giggling and I got the table. Terry even likes it! I’ve not had a place to house my pretty yellow pitcher, but today I do. I think I’ll put some coneflowers in the pitcher to just top the cake!

Contentment, intimacy and fun. A great combination!


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