Gardening Success

After I was diagnosed with cancer and while I was recuperating, I had some time to really think and reflect on my life. There were things I was not happy with, so I decided that part of my healing and part of my preventative medicine had to be about incorporating change in my lifestyle.

I noticed that in the last couple of years I had lost my way. I think my soul was a little like my garden. I had simply gotten too busy and too tired to take care of it. Weeds were growing up, what was once beautiful, purposeful creation lay hidden.

My resolutions included setting very strict boundaries with my job. I changed my cell phone number and created some structure for the way people contact me. Also, I get paid for 8 hours of work, so I now work 8 hours. That’s harder than you think it is for me, especially when I see that I’m not getting my work done the way it needs to be done. I was reminded of the time when people were chastising Jesus for allowing someone to anoint him with oil because it was expensive and could have been used for the poor fund, and he replied, “the poor will always be among us.” He was more interested in the relationship being created.

It’s kind of the same with my job. I will always have crises and urgency in everything I do. I won’t always have my family around me. They are growing and spreading their wings. I want to be their wind! I can’t do that buried in my office.

I am already beginning to reap the benefits of living by my resolutions! My creativity – long lost in the sea of mind weeds – is beginning to flourish! I actually picked colors for my living room and dining room! I have been working at reclaiming my garden, too!

So yesterday, I started with 15 bags of cement and one roll of landscape fabric. My goal is to make a cobble stone path throughout my garden. It felt good YESTERDAY to lift all of these bags. Today, not so much. 😉

My goal is to work a little at a time to reclaim my entire garden. I want to make it easier to keep up with, as well as show case some of the flowers I just adore.

Wet Cement!

A good start on the path! 

My Garden Reclamation Project
The waterfall and stream of my water garden. 
The only flower I’ve planted this year….yet.
Tiny Boxwoods that will grow to 4 foot! 
It’s always nice to have a hunk like this clean up after me

Part of my water garden.



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