Sock Monkey Hat and New Years


I really love I’ve enjoyed a lot of the creativity I see from folks out there. Recently, I stumbled upon a Sock Monkey HAT!! Well, I had to try it. I found a pattern off of from Shelley Tudor. ( does a great job explaining, and quite frankly, she is about as friendly as could be, so it was even better to buy the pattern from her!

I found some wool yarn at Joann’s, and it was even better because they were having a great sale on it. I think it took about 1/2 a skein to make this little lady. I had fun making this one, and turns out that I’ll be needing to figure out how to make BIG sock monkey hats, because my adult children want one. This should be interesting! 
I plan to give this to an adorable little girl whom I cherish. Her parents may object to her wearing such a thing, but I will never know. 😉
I am not making any New Years Resolutions this year. I plan on keeping my Post Cancer Surgery Resolutions, though. I will keep crafting and sewing and crocheting. It just makes my heart light. 
Happy New Year!

Addendum to my blog post: I figured out how to make an adult sock monkey hat! I used Catie’s pattern as a model for my adult hat (
2010/03/sock-monkey-hat-pattern.html ) although I still needed to add to it. Maybe people in Iowa have bigger heads than everyone else. 😉 Abe is happy with it. There are some things that I will need to change, though…like the way I place the ear flaps…I made it weird so he is actually wearing his hat backwards. He doesn’t know, but  I would feel better if the next wearers of my hats were able to wear them normally. 

I wish my gramma was still here. She could be a GREAT resource. 

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