Worms, Dogs and Sundays.


I thought some of my worms had died. Today, I spent some time stirring the almost wormless trays and cleaning out the stinking water basin, and I found that the worms had migrated up to the top tray! I still think we might have lost a few due to the compost getting too wet. I guess there is a learning curve to creating a worm farm. Terry used some of the ‘worm tea’ on his tomatoes! (We’ll see if it’s as magical and ‘they’ say it is!)

I’m hoping stirring up the trays and getting them not so wet and compact will be good for the worms. They have certainly eaten a lot of stuff! I’m a little disappointed in how slow they decompose stuff, though. If I didn’t live with a household of carnivores, we’d have to have four or five worm farms to keep up with all our veggies waste! Hopefully we’ll get in a groove with it. I was able to free up one of the trays, so that seems like it is good news. That and it doesn’t stink. Well, the ‘tea’ stinks, but the rest of the compost smells like dirt. Which is offensive to some, I suppose. I like it.

Poor Molly. She is dejected. I have misplaced my shedding brush and she looks horrid. She has all this matted fur under her top coat, so today I almost shaved the back end of her and then washed her good. She looks kind of like a goofy poodle only goofier because she ISN’T a poodle. Poor dog. I’m hoping to find that brush soon! She has probably gone and found something stinky to roll in (like the ‘worm tea’ Terry put out on his tomatoes). That would be just like her. Lovely.

Today has been nice. I’ve puttered and I’ll scrub a couple of rooms, but for the most part, I’m having a nice restful Sunday. Tonight all my kids are going to be here for supper. Yes. They all live back at home, but we rarely see everyone together. Tonight is LASAGNE!!! (I know how to get my boys to come home. lol)


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