Hot. Hot. Hot.


I think I”m getting old. I  say that because I remember hearing old people say things like, “When we were kids, we didn’t have color tv and we got along just fine.” Or, “When we were kids, we had to walk where ever we went, and we were just fine.”

Today, though, as I read all the heat advisory warnings and I glanced at the thermometer, I had to stop and think, “When did 90s become too hot?” And then it happened. I started thinking back to when I was a kid. We didn’t have air conditioning back then. (We still don’t, although my parents do NOW!) Really, very few people did. Businesses around town weren’t climate controlled and walking around town you’d see windows open, people on their porches and kids on their bikes. A drive around the square would bring you to all the Old Timers sitting on the benches and talking up a storm. And we were just fine! Oh, dear.

I remember in the dog days of summer – when it didn’t even cool down at night – my brothers and sister and I would sleep out on the back patio – until that pincher bug grabbed Nise, but that’s another story. We’d all four lie on cement and sleep under the stars, but not until we had exhausted all conversation. Amazing how siblings can chatter.

So tonight, it’s warm. But there is a lovely breeze and looking out across the field, I see the intermittent glowing of lightning bugs, and I am thankful. And I miss Denise, Darin and Matt tonight….cause there are stars, and lightning bugs and I think the DDT got rid of all the pincher bugs.


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