It is hot. And we turned in to whimps. We finally put in our window air conditioner yesterday. I’m not so sure I like it…although I really do love that I’m not sitting and sweating. That’s always nice. For years we didn’t have an air conditioner! I felt all ‘Mother Earth’ gardening, preserving all the food and putting up with the heat. Gosh, I remember times that I would pack up the kids to go for a ride in the air conditioned car just to have a break from the heat.

For the most part, though, I really don’t like the house all closed up and the sounds of the air conditioner and fans running. I LOVE feeling the breeze in the house. Today though? There’s no breeze. Thank you, God for giving someone the ability to develop Freon.

I’ve been re-organizing my craft room. I’ve got more to sew, and I couldn’t even turn around in there. I took everything off the shelves, scrubbed them down, organized the fabric and crafting accessories I have and basically got ready for round 2 of quilt making! (As soon as my ‘walking foot’ comes, I’ll be quilting!) I am really impressed that I am able to get all that stuff in such a small little room. I thought about scaling down the volume of my craft materials. I did that many years ago, and it took YEARS to recover. We wouldn’t want to go through that again…it was traumatizing.

But it is getting organized, which always makes me feel good. I wish I had learned how to maintain during my projects…like putting away items as I am done with them, throwing away scraps of fabric as they are snipped, etc. I just don’t think it’s in my genes. Well, it might be in the gene pool, but I must have swam far away!

Have a great week!


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