Random Thoughts


Every once in a while, I get ideas. Sometimes I just love having my brain full. Other times it gets exhausting – especially when those ideas lead to me having to do something about those ideas.

For example. On Tuesday, one of our farm cats gave birth to a litter of kitties. This time of year is a bit unusual to have kitties,. but there was no denying the mewing going on outside my kitchen window. The mother (AKA Skanky Ho Cat) abandoned her kittens and we found them the next day. They were nearly frozen. Of course, we couldn’t leave them when they were calling out. So, my daughter and I – both of us are horridly allergic to cats – brought the kittens in and tried to get them warm. We put warm water in ziploc baggies and wrapped wrags around them, laying the cats on top of the baggies. It didn’t take long and the kittens started becoming active.

The next morning, I spent $40 at the vet for food, and we began a journey of learning more about kittens than we wanted. I knew that their bottoms needed to be wiped every feeding so it didn’t get crusty and prevent them from pooping. But did you know that you have to simulate a momma kitty by wiping their gentalia so they can pee? What the heck?

I never woke up to feed my own babies as much as I had to wake up to feed these kittens. I took them to work to make sure they were warm, and each night, I lost a kitten. Finally, this morning, the last one died.



I’ve been thinking about Skanky Ho Momma Kitty and wondered why she left her kittens. It made me mad at her. First we thought that she had died. But yesterday she just showed up – after the $40 was spent, of course. We tried to take the kitties to Momma, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with them.


There are some things I have learned since Tuesday.

  1. I’m really glad that Human Mommies don’t have to lick bottoms to make sure their babies potty.
  2. I should have only bought the small can of formula and saved $28.
  3. Kittens stink.
  4. Mother Nature does a better job than I do.



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