Eating Crow


I quit planning the meals and buying the groceries for my family a few years ago. My husband said that he could do better than I was doing, so I decided to let him. (Well, I am sure I added a few choice words and such.) And being the stubborn mule I am, I have continued to let this chaos to continue – despite my children’s begging. Consequently, we have been eating like bachelors since.

Well, surprise of all surprises, no one has been really happy in our home. I think mainly it’s because we’ve been focused on our own things. And by we I mean me, you understand.

So I prayed for guidance. And guess what?  I am planning meals and shopping and eating crow.

I will be posting the steps I am taking to get our house a home again. We are actually re-thinking a lot of stuff. I guess getting close to 50 makes you do that? We’re working on budgeting, time management and organization. Good stuff, really.

Stay tuned. Turns out that crow isn’t that bad…when it’s sweetened up with success.


One thought on “Eating Crow

  1. Dee Smith

    It is hard to take good care of a less than grateful family. I have been making many changes to improve the health of mine. Turns out they really like to taste of MSG’s. I will not be swayed from my mission. I will continue to try new and healthier options for my cooking, cleaning, and personal care…dispite the grumbling. I wish you much success and I would like to try your new soaps. XO Dee

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