Lovely Lavendar


For some reason, I didn’t think Lavender Soap should be a square bar.  I didn’t have a round mold, so decided to make one out of PVC pipe. It worked GREAT! I don’t think the picture does it justice!

 I used 3″ PVC pipe purchased at Menards. (I love that store.) I cut it to 20″ lengths. That size seemed reasonable, and it holds four pounds of soap.

I really don’t know what these things are, but I found them in the plumbing section. The pipe sits in it nicely!  I just put a piece of wax paper over the bottom before I inserted into the holder, and it worked great! I also lined the inside with freezer paper. I have heard some people say that getting soap out of the pvc pipe molds is hard. It was not hard at all with the freezer paper lining. Really.

Lavender Bay Soap

Fat                                   Amount

Aloe Extract                        4 oz.

Castor Oil                              4 oz

Coconut Oil                        16 oz

Olive Oil                               48 oz

Palm Oil                                  8 oz

Shea Butter                            4 oz

Soybean Oil                         32 oz

Lye Table (NaOH) 15.8 oz. in 35 oz. of Soy Milk

4 TBLS French Green Clay in to the fats.

lavender and Bay Essential Oils at trace. I used 2 parts lavender to one part bay.

After I took the bars out of the mold and cut them, I decided they needed a bit more fancy edging. My husband’s gramma gave us a biscuit cutter. It’s not perfectly round, but it’s a vintage thing, I suppose. I used it anyway. I love the outcome.

If you don’t want to make your own, I have a few bars available. I charge $1.00/ounce, and the bar will come wrapped in tissue paper and decorated nicely. Hit me up at Happy Soaping!

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