A Saturday Morning Post


Last night I baked homemade pizza for supper. During the baking process, our house filled with smoke. Seems that the pizza was dripping adding to an already not-so-clean-oven. Well, I had a lot on my to-do list for today already, but cleaning the oven was added to the top.

I learned a couple of things about self-cleaning ovens today.

  • Even though you wipe out the oven, if there is grease in there, it’s going to smoke.
  • When an oven smokes, your whole home fills with smoke.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention after all.
As I watched the smoke billowing out of the vent in my stove, I decided to create  a tunnel to push the smoke outside. So, I encased the area between my counters and upper cabinets in plastic (garbage bags) including the top area of the stove (well out-of-the-way of the stove. I made sure to take the little tunnel all the way to the window and then put a fan above the stove to force the smoke out. It worked!
About an hour into the cycle, the stove quit smoking. I removed the air tunnel, and we’re getting back to normal! Next time I will be prepared!
The next on my to do list today is to paint my laundry room and lay the flooring in there. I don’t think since I’ve owned a house I have ever in my life gone neutral with colors, but I am! I will have the official reveal in a few days. The bad thing is that I have to go to town to get a new brush. I just remembered that my wonderful edging brush that I’ve had forever got ruined in the last project. Bummer.
So, here we go. Have a great Saturday, Everyone!

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