Thanksgiving Memories


We are having a great day today – not a typical Thanksgiving Day – but great none-the-less. Our extended families are all meeting this weekend, so we decided to spend this day relaxing. It’s been so nice to think back on some of my favorite memories of this holiday. Boy, have I led a blessed life. 

It’s probably because Ben is gone that many of my memories revolve around him. That little boy just made me laugh. I remember one Thanksgiving that I had decided I would make a pumpkin pie to take. Ben warned me that I shouldn’t do it. I told him that I had a good recipe and I thought I could do this. He said, “Mom, don’t even try. Only Gramma McDonald can make pumpkin pie.” Well, I wasn’t going to let a 5 year old tell me I couldn’t make a pumpkin pie, and I proceeded to make the prettiest pumpkin pie – ever. Everyone at the Millers said it was a pretty pie! Then we cut in to it. Oh, Good Granny. Ben was right. It was awful. Turns out I forgot the sugar. Bless his heart, but he said, after he took a bite, “I told you, Mom, that only Gramma McDonald can make pumpkin pies.” Stinker.



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