Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Santa Bellies!


I have been reading through a bunch of blogs in the last few weeks, and have seen a lot of these Santa tummies. I’ve seen them on cards, on signs for the house, etc. I make no claim to have made up this idea, just my version of the idea. So when I had a bunch of cans saved up, I decided I would transform them into Santa bellies!! I want to fill them with goodies for our co-workers!

I am certainly no craft guru tutorialist, but here’s kind of what I did.

What you need:

  • aluminum cans
  • duct tape
  • red felt
  • adhesive spray
  • black card stock
  • black ribbon
  • white fuzzy material
  • two-sided tape

I started with clean cans that I saved from when I made chili. (I had chili bean cans and tomato cans from several batches!) I made sure to put duct tape around the top to try to prevent getting cut by the sharp edge. Do be very careful when doing this. The edges are SHARP SHARP SHARP! I cut my finger anyway, but at least my Santa Bellies recipients will be safe.

And here’s where I stink at tutorials. I quit taking pictures. Basically, I got kind of sticky, because I sprayed the cans with the spray adhesive.Make sure to cover your surface with wax paper or freezer paper. You’ll be one sticky mess!  Then  I put the red felt on the cans and smoothed out any bumps or wrinkles. To make the white furry parts of Santa’s coat trim, I cut strips about 1 inch wide from some white fuzzy material I have had in my fabric box for years. Yes. Years. I put the white strips around the bottom of the can and then down the middle of the front. I used double-sided tape, and that seemed to work fine.

I cut about 1-inch squares from black card stock (I used my Cricut) and then cut two parallel lines just off center, so it looks like a belt buck.  I then wrapped the black satin ribbon around the can (after I put double-sided tape on the ribbon. Threaded the ribbon through the belt buckle and…..

Whalaah! A cute gift basket!

I will be filling them with homemade cocoa and carmel. Yummy.

I linked this to the following parties!


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