Reduce, Re-use, Recycle (Well, Sort of…)


I was at a charity auction a week or so ago, and I saw a purse made out of a rag rug. I LOVED it!! (I had already bid on enough, so I had to leave it alone, though.) I bought a rag rug and decided to put my own spin on one. I am very glad I did. I used an old pair of jeans and an old belt that  I never use.

So, even though the rug was purchased, it’s technically made out of rags and the jeans and belt are used…so, it’s kind of like saving the environment.

I like the messenger bags that are so popular right now, but I don’t like the usual width of them. So I made this one more vertical. The books don’t go in sideways like in a messenger bag – you just plop them right in. I’m going to use this for carrying my stuff for work (files, notebook computer, datebook, etc.) unless I decide to sell it on Etsy.  I can’t decide.

What do you think?

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