Garage Sales and Good Friends


I love garage sales, and I love my friends. It’s great when the two can collide!! Saturday my hubby and I decided to take it easy and hit a few garage sales. Lucky for us, our friends had the made the same decision!! On our way in to town, we were talking about how much we missed The Ds, and wouldn’t you know it, we found them at the first garage sale!

We spent the next few hours laughing, joking and just hanging out; there was no agenda except good old fashioned fun. I found some great bargains so I can maybe complete a pinned Pintrest project. Or not.






I scored these cute miniature tea-cup and saucer sets. So pretty, and I thought they would be great in my fairy garden! We’ll see how fast I get that done!

The lamp sports a shade that is in GREAT shape – perfect for a photo shade I found on Pintrest! A little spray paint on the glossy brass pole and we’re good to go!

Throughout the day, we were blessed. Many of the folks we visited invited us into their homes or their gardens to show us their projects! D and I oohed and ahhed over our hosts’ work. We raced each other to kitchen ware (we both have boys getting their own apartments), and we would laugh some more.

We have a history, The Ds and us. Our children have grown up together, we’ve shared joys and sorrows and our friendship is one of those that you can pick up after a long time of absence. I think The Ds were the best bargain of the day!


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