Thoughtful Thursday (A Plan and Encouragement)


I love writing. I always have.

I used to write letters all the time. I think I kept USPS from the brink of bankruptcy, actually. Something happened, though, when my son died that made letter writing difficult; I’m sure some psychologist somewhere would be able to explain why to me, but after Ben’s death, letter writing was just not on my radar.

Although I never did recoup my letter writing fervor, I continued writing using newsletters and blogs as my venue. Then I became a social worker. Naturally through the course of my job, I write days and days and days worth of reports and I’ve got to admit, that type of writing and the focus of the work I do seem to suck the creative side of my brain right out of my head.

And a lop-sided head means no joy for me.

A couple of years ago, I made an effort to bring some creativity back in my life. I realized that to go through life seeing ugly things and working with crisis and drama and trauma every single day all the time without an end in sight was not good. You’ve seen a lot of what I’ve been crafting and thinking about crafting throughout these last  months.

That has been good, but not quite enough.

I need to write.

I want to show (off) my crafts and crafty-ideas.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to organize my blogging attempts to 1) be more consistent in posting, and 2) be more organized in how I post. I need a little more consistency and organization in my life!

Welcome, Thoughtful Thursday! On Thursdays I will post writings that are more thoughtful, encouraging and spiritual. I am usually mulling over ideas throughout the week, and it would benefit me to write those ideas down. Maybe someone might get encouraged by it. Maybe not. But I have given you a head’s up!

I love hearing from readers! Let me know what YOU’RE thinking and up to!


5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday (A Plan and Encouragement)

  1. barbara sexauer

    terri, you always brighten my day, even if it’s one when i can barely breathe. thank you so much for being you and expressing your humor and wisdom. just to let you know, i haven’t been able to do much except help my daughter and grandkids get thru the separation from my son-in-law.

    • barbara sexauer

      ok. screwed that comment all up. meant to let you know that ruth eivins husband just passed about a week ago. didn’t remember if you knew her that well. take care. and i’m not allowed per my oldest grandchildren to post any more alternative or indie music posts on fb. it embarrasses them, so i will retire to my knitting and rocking chair, like an acceptable grandmother!! LOL 🙂 Love You…mean it 🙂

  2. shy422

    I love having a creative outlet, even if it is just cross stitching or watching Lucy finger paint. It helps me keep my sanity. My only complaint is I just wish I had more time and I was better at more of the crafts than I am. (Mainly crochet and knitting. Have no idea how to do those)

    Also, I love to see your crafts. If I can’t make some, than I love to see art that other people have made. 🙂

    • You know, crochet isn’t that hard, and i imagine if you are able to cross stitch, you’d have the patience to learn knitting. I have the attention span of a squirrel, so knitting and cross stitching are difficult for me!

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