Stocking Stuffers – Homemade Lotion Bars


I love making gifts and putting together little bags to give away at the holidays. I have been experimenting with the different oils I have in my cupboard. It’s kind of sad: I hoard oils like I hoard fabric.

Recently I’ve been looking at different lotion bar recipes and they all seem fairly consistent. Most of them are equal parts of Beeswax, Coconut Oil and another oil like Olive Oil. Melt all these together and pour in to some kind of mold. Easy, and worth doing!!

My first batch, I made with leftover oils. I had a  lot of little clumps of oils – not really enough to do much in soap, but too much to throw away. So, I decided to use up my”Left-Over” oils. I weighed them all and made sure that I had equal parts of beeswax, coconut and the rest of the oils added up to an equal part as well.

I like those bars, but I think the ratio of beeswax is too high. I didn’t like the waxy feel on my hands. Today, I tweaked the recipe a little. I came up with:


wpid-2012-12-21_14-24-01_507.jpg6 oz. beeswax

 12 oz. coconut oil

 3 oz. shea butter

3 oz. avocado oil 

3 oz. aloe oil

I put  the beeswax on to melt, as it usually takes a while. You want to make sure you use a double boiler or some variation there of. I’ve never had a double boiler in my life so I get kind of creative when I do this. Basically, just put a smaller pot inside a larger pot. You just don’t want your oils to take the brunt of the direct flame.

Then once it was melted I added the other oils. When all of that melted I took it off the burner and added 1 TBLS of essential oil blend called Serenity (from Wellington Fragrance). I probably could have upped the essential oils a bit, but I don’t like things that smelly. I like a hint of fragrance.



Once all of that is melted and the essential oils stirred in well, pour carefully into prepared molds. Today I used a block mold from Mountain Majestic Sage and a little silicone mold. I can’t remember where I got that.

Some people use cupcake liners, some people use ice cube trays, some people use soap molds. Whatever you use, let it harden for a while. You want to make sure that the bars are hard and no longer warm before you rem

ove them from the molds. It’s worth the patience it takes.

Once the lotion has hardened and is no longer warm, remove from the molds carefully. I think it would be helpful to stick these in the fridge for a bit to get colder. It would make cutting the bars a lot easier.

I use wax paper to wrap these in. Add a label and a pretty ribbon and whallah! Christmas present!

I’ve already used some – just to see how I like it. I have no patience. I love it. I just have to wipe off the palms of my hands after applying the lotion. I’m a fan of the lesser amount of beeswax!!

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7 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffers – Homemade Lotion Bars

  1. Love lotion bars ! Wondering if this recipe would still work without the avocado oil.?? I’m allergic to it so can’t have it in my lotions etc. Thanks !

    • You could use any oils you like in this recipe. If avocado doesn’t work…experiment with what you like! I would think you would want to replace the avocado oil with a different oil rather than omit it…

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