10 Things I Wouldn’t Do Again in my Garden: Number One


Number One: I would never plant ditch lilies again!

Back in the day I received a bunch of day lilies from a friend and given my financial state, I was especially grateful for the gift. I planted them in a thin line along the perimeter of my garden, thinking they would be a nice border. My idea was to create a flowing stream of lilies. It was very pretty. For the first two or three years.


And then they multiplied.

IMG_2581Like a lot.

I had more lilies than I knew what to do with, so I dug up a bunch and thought I’d make an attempt to  extend my line of ditch lilies to create a backdrop of the garden that ran along the sidewalk. I really don’t know what I was thinking, but that year it looked GREAT!

What happened the following year still doesn’t make sense to me, but I have named it “The Year of the Ditch Lily” because it was THAT year that those lilies multiplied like rabbits. I had ditch lilies coming up everywhere. What had previously been a nice flowing stream of lilies throughout my garden was now gorging swell nearly overtaking everything I ever planted. I dug up tons of these lilies, shared them with friends, loaded some in our ditch where they could happily reproduce unfettered and some were, sadly placed in my compost. When these efforts didn’t work to control the lily population, I dropped the R-bomb on them (Roundup) and placed a layer of cardboard followed by landscape fabric and river rock.

IMG_0005That was about 5 years ago. I STILL have lilies that have poked their heads through! They are tough.

So, I guess I really should not say I’d NEVER plant ditch lilies again. I mean. I love them. I do love their tenaciousness and I love the orange flower they poke up. I also love the way the leaves gracefully dance in the breeze. I have just started putting them where I don’t mind their procreation efforts. ❤




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