About Me


I currently work as a child welfare worker, and throughout my years have been a homeschool mom, teacher, preacher, cook, writer and maid. When we moved to our community 15 years ago, we purchased a 150 year old farmhouse that had been sorely neglected. Through the years we have been working on our project, we have often wondered if it will ever be done.

I started this blog to practise writing. I have no outlet right now to which I submit my work, and I miss that. Well, I submit court reports, case plans and those kinds of writings for my job, but  they seem to suck the creativity right out of me. I purposed in my heart that I would begin writing (and sewing and crafting) again so that my heart doesn’t feel so dry. I have done a few blogs over at Blogspot.com, but someone recommended WordPress.com and I decided I would attempt a start here. So here I am.

Much of what I will probably be writing about is my Faith Walk. For practically my whole life I have been incredibly busy in church life – I was a veritable Church Lady! I have kind of walked away from that lifestyle. I have not walked away from my faith. How could I? His arm is too long…thankfully. But I have a lot of processing to do, and I plan to do it here.

I would be thrilled to have good conversations within my blog. I hope that those who read it will comment in a way that conversation can ensue.

Feel free to contact me: beyondrelevance@gmail.com!


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