Reduce, Re-Use Recycle (yarn scraps, old jewelry and buttons


I love Pinterest! Who doesn’t? Well, probably people who don’t like Pinterest are people who actually have clean houses and organized lives. The rest of us love Pinterest. Last weekend, I stumbled on a cute little project to make a Cozy Cup Warmer. You can download complete instructions there. I thought she did a good job explaining how to do her project. I used her pattern, but added just a little bit longer strap to go above the coffee cup handle. Here’s my first attempt:

I liked this project because it used up the last scrap of yarn I had lying in my bucket and I like how the strap goes across the cozy a bit. It looks kind of cool on the cup. It really does keep the coffee in my mug warmer longer, which is always nice, and it’s a fun way to use up scraps of yarn.

What I love about crafting is that you just don’t have to be stuck with the exact same thing as the pattern says. It really doesn’t hurt to ask, “What if I did…” Sometimes things don’t work out, but when they do, it’s TONS of fun!

For example, I LOVE going to garage sales and finding treasures like old jewelry and buttons. Last summer, I found a bunch of ‘old lady’ jewelry including those beaded earrings on clips? You know what I’m talking about, right? Using them on projects like this one is just plain fun. I got  kind of excited about the possibilities! I had some yarn (which I really do not like using because it takes more skill than what I have) and came up with this variation.

While I don’t think I’ll ever use that yarn again, I do like how it turned out.

I really want to encourage you to use patterns that you find on the Internet, but make them your own – especially when you are crafting with repurposed items! It’s not like there is a lot invested, and when you can come up with something new, it is a fantastic feeling. I also think it does something great to the brain as well…

Happy Crafting!

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A Busy Weekend!


There are times when I wish that I didn’t have ADHD. Like when I’m trying to get reports done at work and people keep walking by my office. Or when I am trying to remember just why I went in to the kitchen. What I do like about ADHD is that sometimes, if I’m left alone, I can really score in the multi-tasking department.

Take this weekend for example.

While I was busy setting up an Etsy account (Beyond Relevance Etsy Shop), I kind of got distracted by looking at a whole lot of shops. I needed to see different styles, after all, to give me a good idea how to make mine look half way decent. (Boy do I need a new camera!) Well, I stumbled upon TimaryArt and found a lovely neck warmer to crochet, so I purchased the pattern. Good golly, but I decided to start crocheting! I had some left over yarn from my sock monkey hats, and went to town, until I realized that I needed to get the laundry room painted, because that was on my list for this weekend.

The laundry room has been just a dumping ground for so long and has been neglected. Poor room. It now sports new light fixtures and new paint…soon to have new flooring and storage places. 

For now, here is a teaser. I have never been one much for too much neutral color, but I think I like it! I do like the light. This hangs above a make up center that I designed for my daughter and me. I hope it works out like I have imagined! Stay tuned for the completed reveal. Well, you might be old by the time that happens, but it should be done sometime in the future! Maybe if I can keep off of Etsy long enough, it will get done sooner.

In the midst of listing items on Etsy, painting my laundry room and crocheting, I sold 9 bars of soap, which of course made it so I had to package soap. I was a little surprised by how quickly that worked. I wonder how others do on Etsy. From what I have read, a good camera is a must. Which made me start looking for cameras online.

At the end of the day, the laundry room was painted, the lights were hung, the scarf was made,the Etsy account was set up, soap packaged up and material purchased. ADHD at its best.